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  • Giorgio Pomettini

    Giorgio Pomettini

    I make things, mostly videogames

  • Giacomo Policicchio

    Giacomo Policicchio

    Software developer, hungry reader, curious almost about everything from technologies, science, and more.

  • Tim Sneath

    Tim Sneath

    Product Manager for Flutter (a framework for building mobile apps) and Dart (a modern, client-optimized programming language) at Google.

  • Fulviodenza


  • Jonas Maro

    Jonas Maro

    Developer and passionate about technology.

  • Alberto De Agostini

    Alberto De Agostini

    Frontend engineer, web enthusiast. I build random stuff

  • Mario Pepe

    Mario Pepe

    Mobile Software Engineer (Flutter) at Quandoo

  • Stefano Bosisio

    Stefano Bosisio

    Machine Learning Engineer, PhD in Computational Chemistry. My writing covers neuroscience research, coding tutorial and social-media analyses

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