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Embracing the suggestion given by a friend, I recently bought a fabulous book about mazes (“Mazes for Programmers: Code Your Own Twisty Little Passages”): I always loved mazes, even though I didn’t have quite the chance to study and investigate them so that was the perfect fit for me to begin the journey.

In the book, various algorithms to generate/solve mazes are given, along with the author’s solution to develop them.

Since the author went for the “structure” way to…

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Ansible is a tool to automate system administration tasks. The is the machine used to control other machines; the is the machine being controlled.

Both machines have to run Linux (e.g. two VMs, one WLS and one VM, a local Linux machine and a remote VM, two remote Linux machines…)

Since Ansible runs commands by SSH, so no need to have an agent on managed nodes.

How does it work

Ansible selects machine to run the commands on using an inventory (in /etc/ansible/hosts); it connects to machines using ssh, copy modules and then executes them.

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The Leap Motion controller is a small desktop device with IR sensor and a camera used to capture hand gestures to interact with softwares and games.

Even if the device is not new, the productor website still makes APIs available and even now it is still possible to develop applications relying on it.

In this project, you will…

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Xamarin is a platform that allows developers to use a unique business logic code to develop multiplatform applications (Android, iOS and Windows) with .NET.

Developing a magic ball application is quite simple, since there is no much graphics nor logic to think about so it’s a perfect exercise to begin using this tool.

The general idea

The general idea is to develop an application doing some fortune-telling when user presses a button.

The interface will simply be featuring an image of a magic crystal ball and a button.

Developing the app

In order…

Blazor is a framework from Microsoft, allowing to build interactive web applications using C#.

When you develop a web application with Blazor, code can run on the server or totally on the client. In the first case, the client and the server communicate using SignalIR, a real-time messaging framework (and only the changing parts of the page are “rebuilt”); in the latter, the c# and code are compiled to WebAssembly and everything is downloaded (and executed) in the browser.

Let’s start with the sample application…

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In the DeGroot model, people have opinions and those opinions are represented with a vector of probabilities, p. Probabilities can represent some kind of belief about a subject, the likeliness of an event to occur, how much the agent likes something. …

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Being a tech community member is a great experience and tech communities are a great way to describe a simple sociological phenomenon called “sorting”.

“Sorting” is a kind of behavior respecting which people just tend to spend their time with similar people (it can be a matter of economical status, ideology etc…) producing “segregation”. Schelling, an economist, first developed a model to formalize it.

According to Schelling’s…

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This time, just to experiment with an onboard temperature sensor, you will try to publish a simple service to read temperature and to develop a very basic Flutter app to display the value on screen.

BLE for dummies

Without going into too much details, Bluetooth communication is similar to client/server communication.

The server (the BLE peripheral, Arduino in this case) makes data available to the client (the central device, the mobile phone in this case) in an exclusive way (i.e. …

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One of the most common applications of lights effects is getting voice or music with a microphone and to light some led to obtain some nice visual effect.

In particular, the audio input is processed in order to get frequency and maybe to light some particular light when the music (or the voice) hit some particular (peak) frequency.

Surfing on sine wave: Fourier transform

No need to deep dive in math, Fourier transform shift the wave representation from time domain to frequency domain.

With Fourier…

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In World of Warcraft, players can have profession skills: enchanting, tailoring, mining and many others that help gamers to raise money to buy in-game objects, to trade or to sell at the auction house.

As for real life, players have to train skills in order to gain proficiency and to craft more powerful (and valuable) objects.

Just to give you an example, as a tailoring beginner apprentice, you can tailor the following objects:

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